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Unique as a digestive,

Unique in company.

UNICO was born in Palermo from the Compagnia Mediterranea Liquori's project with the aim of telling its origins and the evolution of our land.

UNICO is a strictly artisanal product that uses 100% Sicilian Avocados, Sicilian citrus fruits and Sicilian aromatic herbs.

UNICO is the meeting of bitter, sweet, sour and spicy notes that envelop the palate in harmony.

UNICO has an alcohol content of 28%.

UNICO does not use artificial flavourings, preservatives, additives or caramel.

The Sicilian Avocado

Avocado, now also known as the new "green gold", is now cultivated in Sicily and is the undisputed protagonist of this unique recipe.

The climatic conditions and the rich Sicilian land in which it is grown make the avocado a fruit with a UNIQUE flavour.

The beneficial properties of avocado make it UNICO an excellent digestive.

How UNICO borns


We harvest Avocados and Citrus fruits by selecting them by hand, one at a time

media image


We peel each harvested fruit by hand in a slow but quality process

media image


We infuse the Avocado pulp and the citrus peels

media image


We add very fresh water from Sicilian springs

media image


We bottle and apply each label by hand

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Now it's ready
YOUR Sicilian Amaro

A7205039 (1).jpg


We apply the methods and attention of the past to the production of Unico.

Each bottle, even if imperceptibly, will always be different from any other, confirming the craftsmanship that distinguishes it.


The use of innovative raw materials such as Sicilian Avocado allows us to obtain a unique product of its kind.


The use of a high quality bottle and attention to detail give life to an unmistakable style.

Our philosophy

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