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  • How many days will it take to receive my order and can I get the tracking code?
    Once we have received the order and the related payment, we undertake to entrust the order to our trusted courier the next day so that it reaches its destination in approximately 3-4 working days. You can request the tracking code by sending us an email.
  • How can I apply the coupon to my order?
    You can apply it to your order right before proceeding to checkout.
  • I have to give a gift, is it possible not to show the prices to the person receiving the package?
    Certainly. We do not put any paper summary inside the package. You can check your personal area to view all communications about your order.
  • I registered and sent an order via the site but I received no response. What should I do?
    The first check to do is to verify that the SPAM folder does not contain an email from us. If there is nothing, it is a good idea to check the email address entered during registration and verify that no typing errors have been made. If this is correct then you should contact us via the form on the "Contacts" page of our site or via email.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    You can pay for your order with Paypal and credit card without any additional commission.
  • Can I ship to a different address than the billing address?
    Yes, just enter it when ordering in the appropriate form.
  • Do the prices displayed include VAT?
    Exactly, all prices displayed already include VAT.
  • Come faccio ad ottenere la T-Shirt in omaggio?
    Semplicissimo. Dovrai selezionare i prodotti desiderati per un importo minimo pari ad € 60 ed aggiungere al tuo carrello la T-Shirt, verrà automaticamente aggiunta alla lista GRATIS.
  • I received my order but it contains a damaged bottle. What should I do?
    Although it is a rare case, you can send a report via email containing the order number, a description of the incident and photos. We will reply to provide you with immediate support.
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