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YOUR Artisanal
Sicilian AMARO

From infusion of avocado and fresh Sicilian citrus fruits

Only Sicilian raw materials

Only Natural Ingredients

NO Artificial Flavors

Multiple awards


The Artisanal Sicilian Amaro born from the infusion of hand-selected Avocado and Sicilian Citrus fruits, wild herbs and water from local springs.

Why choose UNICO

Selected Raw Materials

The careful selection of the raw materials used during the production process guarantees the highest quality levels of the finished product.

Craftsmanship and

We adopt a slow but quality production process, just like in the past.

Elegant design for unique moments.

The avocado

The best and freshest Sicilian Avocados are selected and processed by hand to create this unique recipe.

The Multiple
awarded Amaro

Young but already with several important international awards under his belt.


About us

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